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My Game is about a princess that is meant to be going into a castle that she lived in as a child to save her prince that has been overruned by ghosts that are being controlled by the princess's mother the princess must get to the reason why.

Wife Of The Spirit Updated 10/1/2015

[Bug Fixes]

  • The game now does not have a error about lighting when hitting Escape.
  • The Player Now Correctly turns left and right, with animations.
  • The Player no longer gets stuck in certain floor walls.

[Game Play Changes]

  • The game now uses more menu's for a professional look.
  • The Game Now uses Ingame images in its level select rather then a popup box.
  • There is now a 3rd level to the game.

[Enemy Changes]

  • The Blinking Enemies have now be converted into 2 different enemies.

1. The Bouncer is original version that bounces from wall to wall.

2.The Darkness charges at the players location, so when the player moves it hits a wall then aims then charges again.


Wife Of The Spirit Upgraded.exe 2 MB